1 of 365 renewal


2018 is my year.

I know everybody says that but it really is.

2017 was hard, I outdid myself.

But I  learnt a shit load of lessons:


“Don’t take yourself so seriously, you’re fine just being you.”

  • I learnt that what make me happy is really important and if ever I catch a glimpse of that happiness in something of interest, I must follow it.
  • I learnt that people pleasing is self-depreciating and its my best interest to cultivate a genuine love and joy within myself.
  • I learnt that I fucking love photography and I want to go crazy this year content wise, I want to drag every piece of something out of me, whatever it may be. (starting with the blog!)
  • I learnt that I am pretty cool, and I’m worth investing time in.
  • I learnt that my interests give my life substance and they should not under no means be neglected.
  • I learnt that learning is life. And to stop learning means death. Failure is apart of learning, so failure means growth.
  • I learnt to not take myself so damn seriously. Work hard and be open.
  • I learnt that to be curious in life will enrich my life and if I am not curious, I’m not paying attention.
  • I learnt that a disciplined mind is freedom.
  • I learnt that words you express really make the fabric of your life, and its important to be able to describe what it is you want to get to where you need to go.
  • I learnt that being smart is not everything, believing in yourself and a higher power is.
  • I learnt that its better to try everything than to be ready with an excuse.
  • I learnt that you can do whatever you want in life, but if first starts with a plan.
  • I learnt that sharing your life with others is freeing, allows you to express gratitude, helps you practise speaking and opens the door for possibilities.
  • I learnt that hard work pays off, always. But work smart and with genuine a purpose.
  • I learnt that my spiritual life is key to me not burning myself out and a renewed strength.
  • And I learnt that manners and courtesy go a long way to making a positive long lasting impression.

These and other lessons is what I will be implementing in this new year.

Still need to make a to do list for everything I want to achieve, oh and thats another thing, I learnt that its okay to change your mind, the plan can always change, because as you get exposed to more naturally something changes.